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  • Each Quiz Contest lasts for a total of 90 - 150 seconds. In the given time, you are given a total of 10-30 questions to answer. The amount of time and number of questions may vary for each contest.
  • If you answer a question correctly, you get 20 points.
  • If your answer for a question is wrong, you get (-) 10 points.
  • On answering 3 questions correctly in a row, you get a bonus of 10 points.
  • Every Quiz Contest has a fixed start and end time. At the end of the Quiz Contest, every participant's score is put on a leaderboard and the winners are decided on the basis of their scores.
  • Winners for each Quiz Contest are declared within 30 minutes of the end of the Quiz Contest.
  • You can take help by using lifelines while playing the contest.
    There are 4 different lifelines :
    • 50:50 - Two incorrect options will be removed from the questions.
    • Audience Poll - The smart audience will help you to select the correct answer among the options present.
    • Freeze Timer - The ongoing timer will be paused for 30 seconds, giving the user more time to answer the question.
    • Flip Question - The current question will be interchanged by a new question.
  • You will be able to use each lifeline only once in each contest.
  • You'll be able to use the lifeline for free by watching an ad or by using a given amount of coins from your coin balance.
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